Our Solutions

We provide the wide range of Software solutions for Personal as well as the Enterprise range. We even work on problem analysis and solution generation no matter how tough the situation is.

Web Solutions

We Provide modern Responsive site solutions injected with all latest API supports. We provide scalable and reliable solutions thanks to Microsoft Azure as our hosting provider.

Desktop Solutions

Desktop is what traditional firm always love to work over. Our modern PC software application are fully featured with great Presentation,Logic,Database & Webservices.

App Development Solutions

What today's generation want is mobility, the solution is here with Windows Phone to all cross platform development for Android & Ios. We are happy to provide standard solutions.

About us

We are the leading Brand in today's software development environment.We designed various solutions independent of the platform and situations.Here we care of your requirement and specifications to improve things in each step ahead. We started Biz today its 12-june-2015 and we are happy to introduce [PK]PRODUCTIONS.

A big thanks to Mr. PREM KUMAR who took the leading role in all the development, without his efforts this would be imposable to get into this level. The whole development was gone under his nature and care.

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Our Portfolio

Here we have a collection of our products which is live in market. We are proud to share our stuffs as they were appreciated when introduced. We need your support to take it to further next level.


Where Dedication Meets Sucess


Virtual Translation System


Here we learn together


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Creative UI & Design


Single Click Clean-Up


Let us change our traditional attitude to the construction of programs. Instead of imagining that our main task is to instruct a computer what to do, let us concentrate rather on explaining to human beings what we want a computer to do.


Director & Founder

Hello every one it will be nice to talk to you if you are interested in software development. Please come up and join us to understand some of the very basic concepts to real world programming environment...

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To get into the Biz, You are at right place. I welcomes all of you to Build the modern today.

So Let's meet together and carry forward our Requirement. Please Feel Free to ask any query & join us today. To get continuous updates please like and subscribe our facebook and Youtube channel.